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CS-II Titanium SH (Self Heal) Ceramic Coating

Titanium SH (Self Heal) Titanium (TI02, titanium dioxide) is THE industry leader for a professional grade ceramic coating. All others are SI02 (silica dioxide)

CS-II TitaniumSH coating is our newest coating and leads the coating industry into an entirely different direction.

Where most coatings are concerned with being the hardest (9h), we felt that a softer coating that self healed under the sun was far more beneficial than trying to create a surface that resisted scratching.

  • The Benefits of TitaniumSH Coating:
    • Permanent protection
    • Self heals marring and light scratches in 100-150+ deg F
    • Slick/smooth surface
    • High adhesive strength
    • Resistance to abrasion
    • No cracking enabling an Easy-To-Clean surface
    • Maintains a deep high gloss finish for 3 years per layer (stackable to 5 years)
    • Anti-dirt/graffiti qualities
    • Resistant to formation of light scratches and swirl marks
    • Less water spots and fingerprints
    • Long lasting, easy to clean surface. Self-cleaning effect.
    • Quick drying, excellent brightness, high gloss and hardness.
    • Excellent chemical resistance and color retention.
    • Easy to clean surface against salts, calcium, oil, grease & other contaminants.
    • UV blocking (90%) & thermal resistance, weather resistant.
    • Stops salt efflorescence
    • Insect repellent
    • Preserves resale value of the car
    • No need to wax or polish for 3-5 years
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