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2022 Porsche Cayman GT4 - Shark Blue
2022 Shark Blue Porsche Cayman GT4. In for Full Body and wheelwell/rim restoration/correction and CS-II Titanium SH Ceramic Coating. A very big job due to the difficulty factor of a highly reflective solid deep blue. Job completed 10/15/23
1969 Custom Camaro - Silver metallic, black stripes. Finished in CS-II Titanium ceramic coating
1969 Custom Camaro. CS-II Titanium SH applied 2021, in for yearly maintenance. ALL driver vehicles still need yearly maintenance, we correct any little or big thing, re-apply the top layer of CS-II Titanium and it’s all good to go ! ($350)
2022 Porsche Cayman GT4 - Shark Blue - Before - Cleaning wheel wells
2022 Porsche Cayman GT4, wheelwell restoration !
2022 Porsche Cayman GT4 - Shark Blue - After: Cleaned wheel wells
2022 Porsche Cayman GT4, wheelwell restoration !
2023 Mercedes SL63
Preparing to Ceramic Coat a McLaren 720S engine bay with CS-II Titanium
2023 Mercedes SL63 supercar & 2023 Tesla Model Y CS-II Titanium SH Self Heal Remove Cilijet & fine polish
Preparing to Ceramic Coat a McLaren 720S engine bay with CS-II Titanium
M3 - Orangepeel Removal
Packed shop
BMW M3 Remove orangepeel – front/rear fenders, doors, apron. Ceramic Pro Gold coating.
Original Journey manager Herbie Herbert’s McLaren 720S. (RIP). We enjoyed chatting with him about quite a lot of things including his baby, Nocturne. In far rear, 1994 BMW Alpina B3 5spd  sold on for the highest ever (B3). Foreground, Noble M12. Right rear, Porsche 911 Turbo Kind of tweaked, rocket. North of 600hp!
BMW Alpina B3 5spd. Highest sale on
Precision paint restoration service - detailing



CS-II B268 Coating 
Ceramic Pro Top Coat

Tesla Model 3 is Average Size
Average   :  Call/EMAIL



Ceramic Pro Coating 

Average   :  Call/EMAIL



CS-II Titanium SH (self-heal) Coating
Ceramic Pro Coating +$300

Average   :  Call/EMAIL

Ceramic coating is applied to:

Ceramic coating is applied to:
  • All painted surfaces from door frame rubber and out
  • Metals
  • Face of Rims
  • Glass (exterior)
  • Interior is vacuumed, and interior glass cleaned
  All packages SUV – Truck +15% to 50% extra. Oversized vehicles start at 50% extra. Oversized vehicles are trucks that are 4 full sized doors with a long bed & delivery or transportation vans, etc.

Wheels Off Package

Wheels Off Package
  • Wheels removed
  • Rims cleaned inside & out
  • Suspension cleaned and all professional spray gun coated with 2 layers of Ceramic Pro Wheel/Caliper ceramic coating
  • Robust and proven protection. $150 to $300 per wheel
  • Based on size and complication
  • Wheels Off is an extra package, but the face of the rim is included in a single step according to the package
  • When we do Wheels Off, it’s severe! The complete suspension visible, the rim inside/out and caliper(s)
  • Twice, airbrushed Important Notes
    • Extra correction is an additional charge when not possible to judge blindly.

We are based out of Walnut Creek, CA. Mobile to the East & North SF Bay counties. With great attention to detail, we protect your entire vehicle from head to toe including the paint, plastics, the glass, the wheels, the interior and even the under carriage.

We have 3 distinct services: auto detailing and paint correction, paint coating and clear bra (PPF). The primary goals of our coatings is protection from the elements and reducing maintenance and time spent in making your vehicle look beautiful. Our clear bra (PPF) is an incredible solution for preventing rock chips and other larger debris.

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Apollo Auto Spa Walnut Creek & Local cities across the East & North SF Bay, SF’s paint protection and aesthetic vehicle detailing services. When we come to your location, you experience superb customer service and absolute perfection for your vehicle. Choose the best – choose Apollo Auto Spa!

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Our Services – What We Do

  • Contaminants and pollutants expertly extracted from paint, fiberglass & metal surfaces
  • Claybar or chemical removal of debris
  • Thorough powerwash & dry
  • Compound exterior glass
  • Compound & polish body  (1 step each)
  • Body: ceramic 1-year or Premier Wax
  • Glass: ceramic
  • Dress plastic/rubber
  • Vac/ shampoo & interior wipedown, interior glass deep cleaned
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Paint Restoration Pricing – $800 and UP. In Extreme situations typically starts at $1500

As your vehicle’s paintwork and exterior surfaces are exposed to the elements, the grit, grime, and contamination mar every level. This damage causes your vehicle to lose its luster.

Here at Apollo Auto Spa, we provide restoration & professional detailing to protect and restore your ride!

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